Joker Slot Games, How They Work, How To Play, and How To Win


If you have ever wondered about joker video slots but didn’t know where to go or where to start, you have come to the right place, we will give you the lowdown on what you need to know. Online slots sucj as joker slots, are amongst the most popular casino games and can be based on different things, from animals to movies to celebrities. The bright lights and music can be very entertaining, and this is one reason they are so popular.

Slots work by a player spinning reels made up of different symbols. Every time you spin the reel the video slot uses an algorithm and not an actual reel so there are literally billions of possibilities.

Slot games will usually have a free to play version of the game and the best way to learn is to practice on the free version so when you play the real version with your hard-earned dollars there are no hidden surprises.

When you start playing slots, look for the slot joker online bonuses that the casino offers, use the right bonus code before you start playing. Find a slot with a good RTP (Return to player) percentage on the money you bet you get back over time, this is crucial if you plan on taking advantage of bonuses. As it will increase your chances of winning.

Slots vary in the number of rules they have and you should definitely learn all the different rules of the particular online slot game that you are playing. Please remember that online slots are not rigged they don’t know who’s played before they don’t know who you are either, the games are based purely on mathematics.

An example of an RTP of 95% is $0.95 for every $1 that you bet. But remember this is an average over a long of time. Some people are lucky and they will hit over 100% in a short amount of time and some people might be a little bit unlucky and hid under the 95% over show the time but mathematically if you play for a long amount of time you should hit around a 95%

This is important to remember because it means that the online casinos have no reason to cheat the players. The Online Casino doesn’t need to cheat the players to make money as the odds are in their favour. Over time they will definitely make enough money completely legally without having to cheat the customers. Another thing to know is that the online casino has no access to the game because they don’t actually own the game, they are provided by gaming platforms such as Evolution gaming or Playtech.

Quite often the game provider will offer the casino three or four different versions of a particular game with lower rates of return of around 92% up to 96 or 97%. The casino then decides what type of game they want to use, with a higher or lower RTP depending on their particular preference.

You can generally find the RTP in the general information.

How to Play?

A slot is controlled by the Spin button. The spin button spins the reels which will then land on certain symbols. the player wins when they get at least three of the same symbols to align.

Some symbols payout 50% where other symbols can have a payout up to a hundred Times your bet.

Make sure you read the pay table before you start any video slot game as this is very important information.

 Videos slots actually use a computer-generated algorithm to decide which symbols will appear and it’s completely random. So it’s very hard to predict what will happen next. Although  branded video slot games usually don’t have a great RTP, they generally have low minimum bets and make it very tough to get a prize and you very rarely get to win.

Things you should look for are the pay table, the jackpots, the RTP and special features

Please remember that video slots are really fun but you can burn through a lot of money very quickly if you don’t stick to your original bankroll and what you can afford to lose. Always learn the particular online slot game first and practice before you start playing for real money, do your research and if you’re if you’re on a losing streak take a break or move to a different game, that’s generally the best thing to do.